You become what you think.

Learning what to think and how to control your thoughts is something I wish I would’ve learned at an earlier age. Manifestation is real, so control what you think and watch it became a reality. …


Embrace the silence.

Pheww…What a few weeks it’s been.

I’m transforming.

The most important thing life has been teaching me ? Embrace the silence.


Welcome to Georgia

The south is really a wonderful place. The people are friendly, the trees are green and full of life. Mostly though, the food is what the south is all about. I love it here already, and I’m excited to see who i become in my time here. I’m deep in …


6 Immune System Boosters

Who has time to be sick ? I don’t. Sometimes we don’t appreciate our health until it’s been taken from us. Luckily, for a lot of us, that’s only temporary. Many don’t understand how to keep your body in good performing condition, physically, mentally and internally.

  1. Exercise with intention –

Swim against the tide.

Go against the grain, climp up the hill or swim against the tide.

I’ve never been talented. I’ve always known how to work hard. Since a young kid, I never knew it, but I’ve always known how to operate from my dark side. I always knew that if I do …


Don’t panic, It’s organic.

In the bigger spectrum of things, we’re only a living species among a world of many. Viruses are bound to happen, it’s all part of being alive. All living things catch viruses and we are no exception. Plants, Animals and anything that breathes risks carrying a virus. We’ll adapt and …


This Could Be Your Chance…

This could be your chance to do what you want to do with your life.

This could be your chance to live your own life and follow what you love and what you’re good at.

This could be your chance to stop working to make someone else rich, just so …


Adapt & play more offense.

Americans are more uncertain than we’ve probably ever been. People have lost their jobs overnight, schools are shut down and the future of America depends on how we respond to the whole COVID-19 virus in the coming weeks. It is an extremely difficult time to be an American, it’s a …


Chaos comes w/ opportunity.

Rise above panic, anxiety and fear. This is clouding the air more than pollution recently. In a time of uncertainty, it’s a great time to add value to people. This is a time where businesses will be closing their doors & other businesses will be opening and flourishing. This is …


The real cost of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is ultimate self awareness & self development. It’ll teach you everything you need to know about yourself and others. Walking in to the unknown and being responsible for creating the outcome you work for. It’s ups and downs, wins, losses and definitely one of the most wild rides life …